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Area Wellness - Hotel del Bosco in Livigno
Area Wellness during summer - Hotel del Bosco in Livigno
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Finnish sauna at Hotel del Bosco in Livigno


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Relax in the open air between the mountains of Livigno

Imagine returning from a long walk, a mountain bike ride or an entire day spent skiing or shopping in Livigno: what better way to get away from daily grind than enjoying an outdoor wellness centre?

Our large garden, with direct access from the rooms and with bar service, offers you the chance to rejuvenate your body while the spectacular mountain view revive your soul.

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Finnish sauna in Livigno
Finnish sauna details
Finnish sauna outdoor
Finnish sauna - hotel del Bosco Livigno

Finnish sauna

A wooden cabin with a temperature of 85°-90°: our Wellness Garden will allow you to experience the true Finnish sauna, a practice that helps to stimulate the purification and relaxation of the skin and to balance the energies.

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Tub with cold water: hotel del Bosco
Hotel del Bosco: Tub with cold water

Tub with cold water

Get out of the sauna and find the courage to have a quick dip in frozen water, just as the Finnish sauna ritual: the best way to benefit from health and toning effects is to expose the body at very low temperatures for a short time after the heat bath.

Jacuzzi by hotel del Bosco
Relax on Jacuzzi at Livigno
Jacuzzi: hotel del Bosco
Jacuzzi outdoor in Livigno
Jacuzzi, wellness area outdoor


Sit and lose yourself in the pleasurable water jets of various powers: immersed in hot water you will experience an indescribable feeling of relaxation, surrounded by bright summery colors or white snowy mountains.

Zona Relax - hotel del Bosco in Livigno
Zona Relax with high temperature
Hotel del Bosco - area relax for guests
Zona Relax - area wellness by Hotel del Bosco
Details area relax at hotel del Bosco
Area relax: outdoor gallery

Relax Area

A barrel-shaped hut made entirely of wood welcomes you with relaxing ambient music and a pleasant temperature of 30°-35°. Forget about any worries and free your soul and body from any sort of stress.

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Solarium at Hotel del Bosco in Livigno
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The hotel’s characteristic garden, surrounded by pine trees, offers chairs and deckchairs where to spend relaxing moments in company of your loved ones, tanning in the sunshine of Livigno and admiring the panorama.

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